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The Construction Division of TK Chemical always thinks the customers first – absorbing Woobang Engineering & Construction (Civil Engineering Registration No. 412) in 1967, despite of rapidly changing global business environment, we have diversified our construction business based on the reliable skills and abundant experience.

The Construction Division of TK Chemical has been undertaking various projects, such as ports, dams, railways and expressways, based on our philosophy of construction – “Always Think the People First.”

As a company putting the priority on the trust and success, as a company thinking the customers first, and as a fast-growing constructor – we will support the customers by truly understanding the mapping customer needs and create a future.

  • History

    • 2020.03

      Songchu Bukhan San Keangnam Honorsville - 604 units, Developer/Contractor

    • 2020.01

      Hakssan Green Park - parking lot development project

    • 2019.10

      Dangjin Songak Keangnam Honorsville - 381 units, Developer/Contractor

    • 2018.12

      Environmental resources facility expansion, 2nd stage construction

    • 2018.11

      Cheongju Techno A2 Woobang Iusell - 427 units, Developer/Contractor

    • 2018.07

      W. Daejeon Station Woobang Iusell Sky Palace - 298 units, Developer/Contractor

    • 2017.04

      Hwaseong Bong-dam 2nd Woobang Iusell - 351 units, Developer/Contractor

    • 2016.12

      Completion of road construction between Seongsong-Gochang
      Completion of road construction between Wonchung- Taean [Area 1]

    • 2016.06

      Gumi 2nd factory TS-108 campus expansion construction

    • 2015.03

      TK Chemical Corp. - Construction division founded
      M&A of Woobang Construction (Contractor businesses)

    • 2014.11

      Gimpo Gochon Woobang Iusell - 347 units, Developer

    • 2014.07

      Expansion of road between Moochang-Subi [Ogi]

    • 2014.02

      Enters housing development industry

    • 2013.12

      Songya-cheon Ecological River Landscape Project

    • 2013.07

      Completion of Hyundong Road repair

    • 2012.12

      Expansion of Yeongchon Sewage Treatment Plant

    • 2012.09

      Renovation of M Steel Gwanyang Factory

    • 2012.03

      Seocheon Ecological River Landscape Project
      Completion of Revive Nakdong-River in area 37 [Yecheon-Ahndong]

    • 2012.01

      Expansion of road between Seonju Middle School – Gogan [Connecting road between industrial complex campus]

    • 2011.11

      Expansion of Coastal Drive Road (Gogok Gyeong Jeon)

    • 2011.02

      Completion of housing development project in Sacheon-yonghyeon area

    • 2009.12

      Completion of renovation of Jain Nonghyup Agricultural and Forest Products Forest Distribution Center

    • 2008.10

      Renovation of Miju Steel Suncheon Factory

    • 2008.01

      Sungwon Pipe - Factory No.1 Renovation

    • 2007.12

      Completed construction of 4-way road in Hayang-Wachon-Daegu direction

    • 2007.08

      Daeya area land re-districting project

    • 2007.07

      Construction of Gusan port’s Mulyang-jang

    • 2006.11

      Completion of Yongin Bora Apartment

    • 2006.03

      Award for being a model construction contractor by Yeongchoen City

    • 2001.03

      Award for being a good company by Gyeongbuk State Governor

    • 1998.03

      Recognized on Tax Day by the head of the National Tax Service

    • 1998.02

      Obtained the license for landscape business (98-60008)

    • 1997.10

      Obtained the KSA/ISO9002 certificate

    • 1997.03

      Awarded outstanding company by the governor of Kyongsang-buk-do on the Day of Commerce and Industry

    • 1988.03

      Recognized on Tax Day by the Minister of Finance

    • 1986.02

      Appointed a super construction company by the Construction Association of Korea

    • 1967.04

      Obtained the license for construction (civil and building)


Friend, TKC

Lifetime Companion TK Chemical


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Friend, TKC

Last 50 years, TK Chemical shared customers concern and made their needs to overcome adversity.

TKC always worked with customers for long time.

Let's meet TK Chemical


At that time

In pleasant memories, relationship with TK Chemical was started.



As a spandex brand created by TK Chemical's 30 years of technology, the product has an outstanding high heat-resistant polymer design, less vulnerability to chlorine.

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Commodity Yarns

This commodity yarn, with its world-class quality is produced by accumulated technology of ICI's continuous polymerization direct spinning technology.

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Challenging together

Beginning of the new life, TK Chemical was there for encouragement.



Arachra Fresh acts as a deodorant to chemically neutralize and remove odors. Arachra Fresh has improved comfort with semi-permanent deodorant function.

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KARAYARN is dope dyed fiber which has excellent color fastness & color depth.

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Rojel is a sea-island, ultra-microfiber material with a soft and detailed finish that is similar to natural leather or suede.

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Sharing the values

When we were happy, TK Chemical was our companion.



NEOFRESH Coolskin is a functional material with a special, non-circular cross-section, boasting UV protection, and sweat-absorbing and quick drying properties.

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COOLON is an absorbent and quick-drying material that is designed to work with the touch, heat, and sweating mechanisms of the human body.

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Comfort and relax

At the moment that enjoying lifetime, TK Chemical was always with you.



NEOFRESH COTTI is a false twist compound yarn with an outstanding cotton-like finish, along with being lightweight, and warm.

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Arachra Hi-Fit provides a strong fit with excellent strength, and demonstrates excellent performance through improved uniformity, even with lightweight fabrics.

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Tex Pet is produced using bottle chips through continuous polymerization process. It is known for as a food and beverage container material

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Anytime be around

To make all of your family can feel easy, TK Chemical always safeguarded us.



REBEX is a semi-permanent, flame-retardant material that does not generate toxic gas during combustion and does not deteriorate with washing.

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This smart product prevents the production of secondary odors from the sweat absorption and evaporation due to its excellent antibacterial properties.

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Construction Division

We suggest the new value of a housing culture in which the basic foundation of housing, comfort, safety, and convenience come together.

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Today and tomorrow

TK Chemical shared our all life and will always go together.



ECOLON is an eco-friendly product that reduces the amount of waste and CO2 by recycling PET bottles.

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UVEIL is a product with UV protection and anti-see-through abilities. It is designed with a multi-core structure for stability.

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The world with future and everyone


TK Chemical will lead next centennial of
Korea chemical industry.