Ethical Management

Goal of ethical management

In addition to economic and legal duties, companies are expected to act ethically as defined by the social norms of today.
TK Chemical promises to foster a transparent work culture to realize a company like the following.
We established the <Ethical Management Guidelines> to provide a standard for ethical judgement and actions related to management of all employees.

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We will grow together with all stakeholders through ethical management.

What is ethical management?

We put ethics as the highest value for running company, sets ethical standards for all corporate activities and ensures its employees and shareholders conduct business fairly and transparently.

Necessity of ethical management

Ethical management is not an option but must condition for survival.
First, ethical management can contribute gaining trust from the market as the company participates in legitimate social activities.
Second, ethical management has a positive effect on a company's management performance.
Third, ethical management is emerging as the global standard for evaluating a company's international competitiveness

Declaration of ethics

  • 1.

    We always think the customer satisfaction first, and keep the promise with the customers.

  • 2.

    We cooperate with our partners to enhance the transparency in transactions and fully comply with the Principles of Fair Trade.

  • 3.

    We are attuned to high ethical standards and always maintain honor and the personal dignity.

  • 4.

    We NEVER take the monetary profits of any form in connection with our works, nor abuse our dominant position.

  • 5.

    We respect the privacy of others and cooperate with each other to create a culture of respect and trust.

  • 6.

    We are committed to maximizing shareholder benefits with efficient, rational and sound management.

  • 7.

    We encourage all executives and employees to engage in beneficial social activities to contribute the public welfare.

Code of Ethics

  • Chapter 1. General Provision

    • 1. Purpose

      1. a)Based on its intent to bring ethics to the management, TK Chemical proudly shares its most important values, “Ethics and Morality”, with all executives and employees, respects the market economic under the principle of free competition anywhere in the world, and puts the top priority on the compliance with the relevant laws and regulations to achieve the ethical management.
      2. b)TK Chemical aims to mutual growth with its stakeholders by creating and distributing fairly benefits to them with its professional and efficient management.
      3. c)TK Chemical puts the highest priority on the ethical organizational culture, and is committed to becoming reliable and trustworthy global by developing with all executives and employees, partners, stockholders, competitors, and national economy.
    • 2. Who Must Follow Our Code of Ethics

      1. a)We expect all our employees to know and follow the code, regardless of what their positions are.
      2. b)The term “partners” refers to a commercial entity that has, has had, will have or may have business transactions with us. All partners also must follow our Code of Ethics.
  • Article 2 Code of Ethics

    Section 1. Responsibility and Obligations towards Customers
    • 1. Customer-oriented Management

      • - All executives and employees (hereinafter collectively referred to as “employees”) exert their best effort to deliver the values required by the customers to increase their trust in us and take account of the customer satisfaction as the foremost basis of all decisions and actions.
      • - All trades and transactions and are established fairly from mutually equal positions. We should provide the information required for making reasonable transaction decisions from time to time.
    • 2. Value Creation and Quality Management

      • - All employees constantly think like customers and understand what they want – we create the true values that can actually satisfy the customers and offer such values to them in time.
      • - We offer the best quality merchandise and services addressing the customer needs at rational prices, and respond promptly and accurately to customers’ sincere demands.
    • 3. Protection of Customers

      • - Employees must keep the promise with the customers.
      • - We prevent customers’ personal information from unauthorized access to protect the privacy and security of that information.
      • - Reasonable requests for exchange or refund from customers will be promptly responded.
      • - We NEVER engage or involve in immoral or illegal behaviors that could harm customers’ interest.
    Section 2. Compliance
    1. 1. Compliance of Laws and Regulations

      • - As a leading company, we are committed to becoming a role model for others – we comply with all relevant laws and regulations, and respect customs of commerce in all regions where we are undertaking the businesses, regardless of domestic or abroad.
    2. 2. Respect of the Principle of Fair Competition

      • - We respect the market order under the principle of fair competition.
    Section 3. Mutual Growth with Our Partners
    1. 1. Equal Opportunities

      • - We grant all qualified companies the equal opportunities to register and be selected as the business partner, e.g. vendors and contractors.
      • - We rationally and legitimately register and select the partners under the objective and fair evaluation criteria.
    2. 2. Fair Trade Procedure

      • - All trades and transactions and are established fairly from mutually equal positions. Terms, conditions and procedures shall be determined upon mutual consultation in advance.
      • - We NEVER promise any undue advantage in transactions for the purpose of obtaining improper personal benefits, nor involve in behaviors that improperly benefits us or someone we know.
      • - If the stakeholders, e.g. partners, attempt to secure any improper advantage, employees should respectfully turn it down and notify them that such attempt may result in disadvantages in transactions.
      • - We cooperate with our partners to enhance the transparency in transactions and fully comply with the Principles of Fair Trade.
    Section 4. Basic Employee Ethics
    1. 1. Basic Ethics

      • - All employees have the pride and confidence as the TKC employees and must be honest and trustful.
      • - All employees are attuned to high ethical standards and put their best efforts to always maintain honor and the personal dignity.
    2. 2. Work Attitudes

      • - All employees share the spirit and philosophy of TK Chemical, and faithfully executes their given missions in accordance with the policy of the company.
      • - We exert our best efforts to legitimately conduct our given duites, and acknowledge and comply with the laws and in-house regulations.
    3. 3. Human Resource

      • - All employees make constant endeavor to improve their skills and capabilities.
      • - We respect the autonomous and creative talent of our employees and make our best effort to offer the opportunities for personal development.
    4. 4. Fair Execution of Duty

      • - All employees comply with the laws, regulations and the working procedures, and avoid any action or relationship that may cause of conflict of interest.
      • - No employee takes the monetary profit of any form, e.g. bribery, which may influence his/her decision related to the duty, from stakeholders.
      • - No employee engages in illegal or unethical behaviors that could seriously damage reputation and dignity of company or individual.
      • - We NEVER abuse our dominant position.
    5. 5. Sexual Harassment and Bullying

      • - We do not tolerate sexual harassment behaviors in any form by or of workers
      • - All employees should acknowledge that the sexual harassment is serious insult and offense that causes victims to lose their will to work and harms our reputation.
      • - We MUST ensure an environment free of harassment behaviors including but not limited to verbal abuse, suggestive comments or joke, access to porn websites in the workplace, sexually explicit pictures or posters, offensive and unnecessary physical contact, unwelcome advances, unwanted invitations, and other intolerable attitudes that could cause physical and/or psychological damage of colleagues or hostile working environment by abusing his/her dominant position or power of authority.
    6. 6. Mutual Respect

      • - All employees should observe the basic office etiquette.
      • - We strictly prohibit unlawful discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin, education, martial status, age, mental or physical disability, or any other characteristics.
      • - No improper request should be given or accepted between the employees.
    Section 5. Obligations toward Employees
    1. 1. Respect of Employees

      • - We respect all employees as independent individuals.
      • - We put forth our best efforts to develop workplace environment in which the employees are proud of themselves from their works and activities.
      • - We build a system so that employees can fairly perform their given duties, and take measures to encourage them to develop their skills and capabilities.
    2. 2. Human Resource

      • - We make our best effort to offer to the employees the opportunities that they nurture and develop autonomous and creative skills.
    3. 3. No Discrimination

      • - Employment and promotion are based solely upon individual merit and qualifications.
      • - We assess and fairly compensate the capabilities and achievements of the employees under the principle of fairness.
      • - We promote equal opportunities to improve the abilities of our employees. All employees are entitled to work in an environment that is free of discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin, education, martial status, age, mental or physical disability, or any other characteristics.
    4. 4. Promoting Creativity

      • - We create an environment that can exploit employee’s creative potential and embraces their creative and autonomous ideas.
      • - We encourage and support the employees to nurture their capabilities with long-term orientation.
      • - We respect the privacy of others and cooperate with each other to create a culture of respect and trust.
      • - We set up an employee suggestion system that encourages employees to contribute constructive ideas, as well as a confidential employee reporting hotline that offers employees a way to report issues without fear.
    Section 6. Responsibility to Nation and Society
    1. 1. Reasonable and Rational Business

      • - We comply with social values, domestic and foreign laws and international trade practices for fair business at home and abroad.
      • - We do not tolerate any irrationality affecting our sound business activities.
    2. 2. Protection of Shareholders

      • - We are committed to protecting shareholder benefits with efficient, rational and sound management.
    3. 3. Contribution to Social Advancement

      • - As a member of society, we faithfully fulfill our social responsibilities to contribute to national advancements by creating jobs and faithfully paying taxes.
      • - We encourage and support our employees’ participation in sound social activities to contribute to social advancements.
      • - We NEVER discriminate against a job applicant because of his or her sex, race, color, ethnic or national origin, education, martial status, age, mental or physical disability, or any other characteristics.
    4. 4. Political Activities

      • - Individual’s political belief or view will be respected and not be interfered.
      • - TK Chemical supports no specific political belief. No employee promotes any political or personal views or belief at the workplace.
      • - We MUST not offer illegal contributions, directly or indirectly, to candidates of any election, political parties, campaign chests, or other politically-involved organizations or entities.
    5. 5. Environmental Protection

      • - We do our best effort to protect and preserve the environment, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
      • - We minimize release of environmental pollutants under the principle of resource and energy efficiency.
      • - We endeavor to establish systemic environmental protection against pollution.

Oath of Ethics

  • 1.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read and fully understand the Code of Ethics. I hereby also agree to comply with the Code.

  • 2.

    I hereby acknowledge that I fully understand and agree to abide by the relevant laws and regulations, domestic or foreign, and company regulations. I agree that I will not commit, direct, approve, assist or condone any violation or breach of such laws or regulations.

  • 3.

    I will not obtain improper personal benefits or involve in any activities that could harm the company by abusing my dominant position.

  • 4.

    I will not give or accept gifts or hospitality that could raise a perception of bias or preferential treatment, or give the impression that I may favor a particular person.

  • 5.

    I will protect and not use for personal purposes the TKC assets, and will not unauthorizedly disclose confidential information to any third party.

  • 6.

    I will not have monetary transaction with, or give or receive the gifts or hospitality to or form the colleagues or executives,.

  • 7.

    I will actively support and undertake my given missions for the TKC’s compliance and ethical management. If I violate my oath, I am willing to be fully responsible for losses and damages caused by my violation or beach, and follow the company’s disciplinary actions without objection.

Cyber Audits

Compliance Report

Your identity and report will be kept confidential.
Report any conduct that you believe to be violation of the Code of Ethics.
Please do not hesitate. Your report can help make the company and our community better.

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We value your information and comply with the Personal Information Protection Act. Personal information collected through the cyber audit office is used for the purpose of providing optimal services to customers, and personal information is collected within the minimum scope.

1. Purpose and scope of collected personal information

- Purpose: Report ethical concerns, unsatisfactory business processing, rudeness, and corruption through the cyber audit office. / An email reply from the cyber audit office will notify you of the results.

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2. Retention period of personal information

Personal information is retained for 3 years after consent is given, and the information is destroyed without delay thereafter. However, if there is a duty to retain the information according to relevant laws, it will be preserved for a certain period as specified by the law.

3. Right to refuse consent to collection of personal information

You have the right to refuse to consent to the collection of personal information. If you do not agree, there may be restrictions on the provision of the service, and the information will not be provided.


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